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[/Эмуляторы для Android]
Новости ресурса

ePSXe v.1.9.36


Новая ревизия эмулятора PSX для Android.

- Added support to dynamic DPAD/LStick and dynamic actions buttons set preferences+touch gamepad+dynamic dpad/action buttons=enable
(Use Swipes to move or press buttons as native!!) (Thanks to Zaf)
- Added 3 new brightness profiles to HW/FXAA renderer
- Fixed the "infamous" freeze bug in Deus battle on Xenogears
- Fixed garbage in Vigilante 8
- Improved HLE bios: Jade Cocoon, MGS PAL and Toca World Touring
- Fixed Super Pang Collecting regression

Добавил: PASHA (03.10.15 / 10:20)

S8DS v.0.8


Спустя пять лет обновился мультиплатформенный эмулятор SEGA Master System / Game Gear / SG-1000 / ColecoVision для Nintendo DS.

- Самое главное: добавлена эмуляция компьютера MSX-1
- Added SG-1000 Arcade support
- Added System-E support
- Added MegaTech files support
- Added support for 3 button MegaDrive pad
- Added mini Bios from Power Base Converter for MegaDrive
- Added background images for all Systems
- Added support for arguments from flashcard menus
- Support for longer filenames and more files per folder
- Fixed sprite palette bug for TMS9918
- Turned of sprites for Mode 1
Добавил: PASHA (18.07.15 / 13:59)

Atari 7800 v.1.1.01


В наши загрузки добавлен эмулятор компьютера Atari 7800 для Android OS.
Добавил: PASHA (12.07.15 / 11:48)

DraStic v. build 74


Новая ревизия эмулятора Nintendo DS для Android.

- Added fog emulation
- Added user profiles
- Several optimizations and game fixes
- Fixed custom clock UI
- Added workaround for X86 on Android 4.4+
- Fixes some performance problems on Android 5.0
- Edge marking
- Cheat editor
- Savestate fixes
- Slot2 gamepak support

Добавил: PASHA (28.05.15 / 17:05)

FPse v.0.11.167


Новая ревизия эмулятора PSX для Android.

- Added very smart .zip .rar .7z .ecm and .ape uncompressing feature
- Added support for x86 cpu's, much faster
- Added NFS client support, from misc/path
- Improved ripped iso support
- Added .zip .rar .7z .ecm and .ape to file browsers autoloading
- Auto-creation of .cue file if it does not exist
- Fixed Cheats engine
- Fixed Audio plugin save bug
- Improved highly speed
- Updated english Help
- Added full support for Android TV

Добавил: PASHA (28.05.15 / 00:17)
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